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This happened long ago when I was still a student.
me and my older sister were leasing an old apartment. The apartment was big and its 2 stories high. It has a wide living room and 2 rooms upstairs but some furniture and the 2 rooms were made of wood.

We did not have any paranormal experiences during our first months of stay. not until some of my friends who stayed in our apartment played spirit of the glass. I did not believe in ghost so I didn't mind.
They began stating some chants and rhymes calling spirits and demons that are near.
I actually got scared but Im skeptical in things like this.
we haven't finish playing because everyone is too drunk to continue so we just left the game without closing it.

after few days strange things happened.
some of our things disappears and appears in different places in the apartment.
some nights when im taking a shower or in bed you can fell someone is watching you.
I feels like someone is living with us that we cant see.

but their is that one night, while
I was watching in the living room, I check my watch and it was already 11:59PM and I decided that its time to go to bed.
I have to turn off all the lights downstairs before going to bed.
I'm actually really scared of the dark until now.
So you could know how scared I was to turn off those lights.
I usually run off to the stairs and quickly shut the door to my room once I turn all the lights off.
but on that night something strange happened
as I turned off the lights I run to the stairs like I usually do. and I hurried in closing the door.
But, I heard something.....
I heard 2 extra foot stomps(steps) after I close the door. the sound was very clear so I know there is someone standing now in front of my door....
Someone or something followed me when I was running upstairs...
It was impossible that someone had slip in the house, there was only one door in and out of the apartment and that was near the living room. I did not saw anyone while I was turning off the lights downstairs........
I had goosebumps all over me.... I was really frightened!!!
I dont know who or what was that....

I quickly locked the door...
and I just shouted at that thing outside my door,
maybe I can scare it......
"Putang ina mo! subukan mong pumasok dito papatayin kita"
eng( Fuck you!go ahead and try to come in and ill kill you!)

everything was silent for a few seconds, then their was a loud stomp at my door.
I got really frightened
maybe I angered it!!!!??

I just shoot myself to my bed and hide in my blanket holding a rosary.

I closed my eyes and just prayed and prayed and hope for that thing to leave.
but things got worst......

while I was praying I felt something is leaning on the edge of the bed
that thing got inside!!!! but how!!!???? the door is locked!!!!
after that I heard a small tiny whispering voice that is giggling and copying my prayer right next to my ear. It was not a deep demonic voice but it was like a child's voice that is really small....
I was so scared that I can hear my heart pumping!!!!!
I was shaking!!!!!! and I wanted to cry....
Their is nothing I can do I just prayed every prayer that I can remember.
I feels like im trap in a cage that I cant escape.
I just continued praying
Until a prayed a verse in the bible I can still remember that verse that I prayed

Psalm 67

Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered: and let them that hate Him flee from before His Face!
As smoke vanisheth, so let them vanish away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

IT STOP COPYING MY PRAYER!!! but it still giggling like a creepy little demon child.

I repeated the prayer and It stop giggling...

It was silent again, I slowly remove my blanket and I checked the room,
no one was there!!!

I tried to stand but Im still shaking and I check my watch it still 11:59pm.
my watch seemed to stop working,
suddenly someone knocked on my door
OMG! here we go again!!!!!
but I heard my name, it was my sister calling my name.
I was so relieved when I heard my sister calling me.
I quickly opened the door and let my sister in
I told her everything... she said its going to be okay now Im already home....
we sleep together in my bed that night because I was scared to be alone....

I woke up around 8am Im still shaken with that experience last night.I got up and I went downstairs. my sister was already prepared for school and already eating breakfast.
I told her " Ate, you were just beside me why did you not wake me up you know I have a class at 9am...

I was shocked when she told me this.........

I just got home this morning from my boyfriends boarding house..I was not here last night.......


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