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Bale dalawa sila ng kaibigan niyang tumira sa boarding house......

Feet on the ground / white lady

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 Fiction Sundo

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Sunod sunod ang kabog ng dibdib ko, parang pinipiga yung pus......

Headless Man

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Nasa 3rd year na yata ako nun nung nangyari ung encounter ko......

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Galing ako nun sa prayer meeting namin dito sa Pasig and we ......

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Nagising ako sa di ko maintindihang dahilan, parang may bum......

Lalaki sa ilalim ng lababo (Short Story)

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Nanunuod kami ng TV ng mga pinsan ko sa kwarto ng lolo't lol......

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Boarding house

Story Rating:

3rd year college na po ako sa isang private school sa Occide......

 Fiction Tito Tope!!!

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Ilang minuto pa ay palakas na ng palakas ang mga galaw ni Ti......

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Ito naman ay experience ng pinsan ko. Same BPO kami, siya ka......


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1st year college ako that time at SA(Student Assisstant) ako......


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New Fictional Horror Stories

 Fiction Sundo

Story Rating:

Sunod sunod ang kabog ng dibdib ko, parang pinipiga yung pus......

 Fiction Tito Tope!!!

Story Rating:

Ilang minuto pa ay palakas na ng palakas ang mga galaw ni Ti......


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Hindi na matiis ni Lyca ang mga pananakot ng multo sa kanyan......

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Ilang sandali palamang mula sa aking pagkakaidlip ay sigaw a......

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2nd year college nako nun,since semestral break ko palang nu......

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Noong Grade 4 Palang ako nagtatrabaho si mama bilang tagaban......


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 Fiction SUMPA

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"SUMPA"marami sa atin ang naniniwala sa sumpa at marami din ......

 Fiction Behind the wall

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Umiyak na lamang si jake habang pinapanood ang mga taong naa......

 Fiction Baby Rhyme

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Dala-dala ni angie ang PT na binili sa Pharmacy bago umuwi n......

Pinoy Horror Story

When I sleep

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It was during mid-October when I experience a different kind of “astral projection” as what they say. I’d experienced this before but what happened to me this time is not the usual thing.


The incident happened while I’m working as a customer service representative. Working on a graveyard shift needs a lot of adjustment. That time, I just started my graveyard shift after my 3 months of being on a morning shift.


I was having my lunch break at work and since we’re given an hour break, I took the opportunity to use it for my power nap.


Alarm is set and good thing there's still enough room. So I lay down on one of the bunk beds and put a blanket on my stomach. (I literally look like a dead person when sleeping; this is my normal sleeping pattern though.) After some time, I heard my alarm tone.


"What? That was quick." so I got up and checked my time. It's 3:40 AM already.


"Oh sh*t it really is almost time." I said as I got up from the bunk bed and turned off my alarm to avoid waking up my other workmates.


I went first to the bathroom to pee and fix myself a little bit. I took the PWD restroom in which we normally use if we're doing some kind of call of nature thingy or if you just want to pee more privately. I prefer using that restroom too since it's bigger and more private. So after peeing, I washed my hands and started to fix myself.




While looking at the mirror the lights started flickering, as I look up at the ceiling I decided to leave thinking there might be a short circuit. I’m worried my PC might turn off. And it would be scary if I’ll be stuck in a rest room while the current is out.


I was about to leave but I saw a woman wearing a long white dress that has a long black hair as she stands next to the door. (A typical white lady I guess)


I don't know what to do because I can't just get out and run since she's blocking my way out. I turned around at the sink, bow down and decided to pray the Lord's Prayer.


I closed my eyes and trying to concentrate praying, "Our Father, who art in heaven"


Until suddenly, she stands right next to me and she draws close her body to mine.


"Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come." as she prays together with me.


For God's sake, that time I decided to open my eyes to see her. It was greasy with some dirt and she was also crying, crying with blood. (I don't know if she's asking for help though.) She stares at me and her face is really close to mine. Goosebumps all over me, my knees are shaking, I’ve been sweating and all I wanted to do is to scream but I just can't.


I closed my eyes again because I can’t say the prayer anymore knowing she’s right next to me. I asked help from above and just hoping this is just a dream. A dream that I honestly don’t want to go back!


As I reached the end of the prayer, I can see that she’s leaning right next to me. I felt her pale looking cold body next to mine like she’s trying to whisper something,


"AAAHHHMMEEENNNN" she said it like a scream.

I breathe in and about to cry until the light stopped flickering. After that, I grab the opportunity to run immediately back to my office. (Thank God)


Gasping for air, I reached our office sweating and scared. I saw my workmate Jane as she passed by the lobby. So I called her because I wanted to tell her about what happened to me at the restroom but she didn't notice me.


"Jane!" I called.


But then, Jane continued walking since she was also having her lunch break at that time too.


"Guys, she's not waking up." I heard her shouted at the sleeping lounge.


I turned around to see what's going and saw some of my workmates who are also on their break ran towards the break room. Out of curiosity, I went there to see who’s not waking up.


I walked inside and saw Jane kneeling next to a woman sleeping on the bunk bed and one of my workmates was also trying to wake her up intensely.


Since I can’t see it clearly, I draw closer to them and saw a familiar woman sleeping.


I’m trying to trace her face until I realized that it was me whom they’re trying to wake.



I was shocked and got scared so I back up and saw the white lady standing next to my sleeping body as she stared at me with her eyes as white as snow.




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