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Pinoy Horror Story

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This isn't a creepy story. But I want to share it anyway.

My younger brother died in 2011. He was just 12 years old that time. He died due to severe pneumonia 5 days before his grade school graduation. He was confined in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for 6 days before he went home to heaven. I will share to you his last days first.

March 13 - he first had his seizure. At around 1am, mama woke me up, panicking. I told her to bring him to the hospital. Papa was not around that time. I forgot why. Together with my aunt, who lives beside our house, they brought my brother to the hospital. I was left at home to look after my other siblings. By the way, I am the eldest. After a few hours they went home. My brother was fine, seemed nothing happened.

March 15 - another seizure. That time papa and mama were the one who brought him to the hospital. Again, after a few hours they came back as if nothing happened.

March 17 - another seizure. This time I went with papa. We brought him to the hospital at 3am, then he was brought to PICU. At 5am I went home to prepare because I still have classes.

On March 23, before I went to school, I dropped by the hospital to bring food to my sister who was then assigned to stay with my brother. My brother was crying. He said that he was really scared because he can see things we were not seeing. Example, his nurse's head rotating, faces in the window curtains, etc. I told him to pray and read the bible I brought him. He didn't want me to go yet but since I have classes, I left him with my sister.

In the afternoon, papa phoned me to bring my younger sister because the doctor already told them to prepare for whatever will happen. I knew what he meant.

A few hours before he died, our family together, with some of our family friends, gathered in the hospital. The doctor told us that anytime he can leave us. We were all crying and praying. Hoping that we're just dreaming.

He had flat line twice or thrice, blood pressure dropped to 60/30. I keep on praying. I even asked God to spare my brother. I have read a verse in the bible and I held onto it. It says that the Israelites will be brought out of Egypt to the promise land. I thought it meant that God will bring my brother back his health. But then, it meant otherwise. God meant that He will bring my brother out of pain and bring him to heaven.

Back to the story. At 7:08pm, the doctor declared him dead. During that time, we were all crying and weeping. But, in the midst of mourning for my late brother, that time, there was a scent, a sweet scent of a flower. It just passed by. Like it only lasted for 5 secs. Our bible study leader who was with us that time told us that when the doctor declared the death of my brother, the heaven opened and welcomed him.

With that, it was amazing that we all felt comfort. In addition, when I was searching for a bible verse to include in his picture, I said, "Kuya, help me find a verse. I don't know what to include in your picture." And voila, it was as if he helped me find a verse. I got John 14:27, (Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.)

With that, I know he is now in a happy and better place. With no sickness, no pains, no hurts. He is with God.


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