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Pinoy Horror Story

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A true story revelation of seeing a real demon in the Catholic Church.

Backgrounder: When I was 27 years old, I was very eager to get an amulet or charm for enticing women. I am single at that time and had no girlfriend. I am shy with women for I was very poor.

Back in 1990 in Pateros, Metro Manila, I met an old man who was a neighbor at Santan Street, let us name him Ka Enteng, who was known to have amulets, and had many wives (most of them died according to him). He is a tough guy in our place. I saw his antique cross amulet and was intrigued by it. I asked him if I could have it? He said after some reluctance, yes. He made some Latin prayers on my pate or bunbunan with words "mortem" on it. I felt that my skull got warmer and bloated and felt dizzy.

For some days I feel very uncomfortable. My hairs on the arms and head rose up for no apparent reason. I felt like I am dying. Then I experienced as if an invisible hole was punctured in my pate. I heard screaming and cursing voices on the top of my head, cursing the heavens (with unspeakable words).

Because I am a religious person, I poured holy water on my pate. What happened is that my hair moved whenever I poured drops of holy water as if a spirit or air is moving out of my head. It did not stop there. I was not able to concentrate and started seeing visions of dark images and the underworld.

(December 16, 1990 at about 12:00 midnight). I do not know what pushed me to go to the nearest church in Pembo. I was feeling so weird that what I think is that Ka Enteng put an evil spell on me instead of transferring his amulet to me. I have in my memory the Latin prayer of St. Benedict (an old woman in Bicol gave it to me when I was still 10 years old or in grade 4). What I did was to chant the Latin prayers 300 times from morning until night.

I was totally awake, and my vision has changed. Everything looked yellowish. The leaves on the ground was sweeping under my feet and as if a force is dragging me to the nearest church. I went to the Pateros Church unknowingly, it was the first night of simbang gabi or night mass. I had a quartz watch and when I looked at it it was 12:00 midnight.

The mass was attended by weird people like those on horror movies. No vision of bloody creatures but like ghouls, freaks and those that are not normally the people attending mass in the community. I thought that this very first mass could have been a special mass for evil people in the community. They are all staring at me.

Then suddenly I saw the priest masturbating in the pulpit. Then suddenly he changed from a priest into a hairy demon. He had no horns but his whole body is covered by black hair just like that of the horse. Pitch black and had a long tail. He pointed his fingers at me. I was very scared. I closed my eyes. At that very moment, I felt like that an acid like liquid is being poured into the hole of my pate. I smelled burning flesh and hair. The hair at the back of my head rose up. I just shut up my eyes and closed my ears.

When I opened my eyes, it was already 6 am in the morning. The church was deserted and the only thing left is the small door that was open. I got out of the church and went home.

I saw Ka Enteng, when I saw him I placed my St. Benedict medals on his neck. When I touched his pate, it has a if 3 holes in the head just like Damien the omen and it was pulsating.

My mom was worried at that time and what she did (as I did not go home last night and I feel so unearthed), she brought me to the Mental hospital in Mandaluyong, where I stayed for 3 days. The doctors there would not believe me, medical practitioners most of them do not believe paranormal events like this.

To cut the story short, I went to Bikol to get a good faith healer. The healer at Labo Cam Norte gave me a santo ara (a chip of marble from the altar stone) after I told him the whole story. I was temporarily cured, since I lost my new amulet which is a white stone, got lost in 1998.

My father who was still alive then, told me that I had been to 9 faith healers and still I am not cured. The last was a priest who told me that I am hallucinating. That I should go to movies instead and have some disco. I lost faith in the church as at the time there are no real exorcists.

My father had read the bible for 9 times cover to cover. He told me to try the Book Of Tobit wherein the fish heart and liver has to burned on incense. In 2004, we did the ritual. A square 3 feet by 3 feet watery substance appeared on the unpainted wall of our house in Taguig. The watery substance is just like a portal for evil spirts haunting me throughout the years specially during Christmas and Holy week. When I poured holy water on it, it dried up. Unfortunately, I had no camera at that time to document that paranormal scenario.

Since 1990 until now 2017, I never attend simbang gabi or night mass. For in that mass I saw the devil. After some thinking, the message could have been why the devil is pointing his fingers at me,: I am reciting the latin prayer of St. Benedict of exorcising him but I myself is a sinner. Also, someday I will be one of his worst enemies, maybe.

End of Story. I am now 54 years old. Diagnosed as schizophrenic by the psychiatrists because of my true story but I am totally cured because of what my late father did to me in 2004. I no longer hear voices or see visions. I live a normal life with a wife and a daughter.


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