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I started the second quarter of year 2017 wroking in one of the BPO companies here in Pasay. Like other centers, it started on training where I met some agents who used to work with other companies here wherein one company will rent floor/s in different buildings. I heard different stories especially the elevator ghost in our building. Since I usually go alone when taking breaks, I didn't pay much attention about their stories, and never expereinced that until now.  


My first experience happeded during my second month in the production floor. Since all of us are working graveyard, most are scheduled 9pm to 6am while our team was an hour earlier.


I'm coming from the province, so I usually arrive more than an hour earlier before the shift. I came to my station and noticed that I'm the first one to arrive aside from the maintenance personnel there that seems to check the AC from time to time.


I did not pay attention much to him since it's the first time I saw him. We're a small account and familiar to most employees whom we regularly greet. I know he's a maintenance personnel based on his polo shirt, but I don't know him and presumed he's a new recruit from the department. Also one thing that made me wonder is he's sitting on my TL's station wherein most personnel won't sit on any agent's chair especially the TL's nad manager's which you can immediately recognize.


As a routine, after logging in and setting up my computer, I went outside the floor to get water in the pantry. Once I returned, I was puzzled that the personnel is no longer inside the production, and most of the time, they don't have an access to the door wherein you have to swipe your ID/card to open. They usually ask assistance to the guard. One thing as well, is that I should see him going out because once you got out of our production floor, should you passby the door in the pantry, either way he went to the other account's production which is opposite to ours.


I sat on my station and check some update on my email.


"Blooooog!", I heard something was falling on the opposite right hand part of our station, near the huge window. It seems that there are books falling. 


I extended my neck to check what happened and see nothing.


"Ahhhh," I said to myself. Maybe it's the the personnel fixing under the stations over there.


"Blooooog!", for the second time. 


This had my attention and made me personnally check the station near the window. It might be an intruder whom have plans killing me! I slowly peekedunder the station and see none.


Now this gives me creep. There's no one under the table and I'm the only one there. Why does it sound like falling books while we don't have limited office supplies on the floor and an agent's station won't have these. It doesn't sound like a tumbler or keyboard falling.


I returned to my station and told myseld that I will run outside if I heard something again.


"Toot, toot!", I almost fell on my chair. The door opended, and good thing it was my teammates arriving.


I told them what happended and they didn't reacted to that.


I still have another experience here in the office which I will tell you soon. This one give me chills, too!






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