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Mga Bagay na Hindi Natin Maintindihan

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Isang araw ay sama-sama kaming kumakain ng tanghalian sa bah......


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Lagi kaming tambay ng mga kaibigan ko sa rooftop ng building......

Siya pala

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Ang Matandang Kapit bahay

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Ang Bahay Sa Ilalim Ng Punong Mangga

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Bangungot (True Story)

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Mga Bantay

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Tatlo (Boardinghouse Stories)

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Isang old house siya. As in old house, sa paligid niya maram......


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Day off, wala ako pamasahe umuwi ng probinsiya so I don't ha......


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This story actually happened last sept 27 2017 around 2:00 a......

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Three Scratch Marks

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Natapos ang klase namin nang biglang humapdi ang likod ko. P......

 Fiction Tito Tope!!!

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Ilang minuto pa ay palakas na ng palakas ang mga galaw ni Ti......


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Sa province namin, student ako non, working student sa MCDO.......

Resort sa Laguna

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Kasalukuyan nag lalagay ako ng shampoo sa buhok ko nang may ......

Ang Liham...

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Elemento o Demonyo?

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6 years ago nagtrabaho ako sa isang fast food chain kung saa......

Sa Rest Room

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Ito naman ang pangalawang experience ko sa pangalawang BPO k......

The Exorcism of Clarita Villanueva

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The smaller entity was almost like a dwarf. He would climb u......

Balete Drive

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"Boss..." sabi niya sa guardia, "Kilala mo ba yung nakatira ......

New Fictional Horror Stories

 Fiction Tito Tope!!!

Story Rating:

Ilang minuto pa ay palakas na ng palakas ang mga galaw ni Ti......


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Hindi na matiis ni Lyca ang mga pananakot ng multo sa kanyan......

 Fiction DEMONYO

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Ilang sandali palamang mula sa aking pagkakaidlip ay sigaw a......

 Fiction Don't Let Anyone To Be Alone

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2nd year college nako nun,since semestral break ko palang nu......

 Fiction Ang Lumang Bahay (Short Story)

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Noong Grade 4 Palang ako nagtatrabaho si mama bilang tagaban......


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Tinitigan ko ang larawan at laking gulat ko ng biglang lumin......

 Fiction SUMPA

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"SUMPA"marami sa atin ang naniniwala sa sumpa at marami din ......

 Fiction Behind the wall

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Umiyak na lamang si jake habang pinapanood ang mga taong naa......

 Fiction Baby Rhyme

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Dala-dala ni angie ang PT na binili sa Pharmacy bago umuwi n......

 Fiction Another life

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5 am ng muling imulat ni bloosom ang mga mata. Inilibot ito ......

Pinoy Horror Story

Haunted Places

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If you are looking for the most haunted, I'd say this place I used to rent in Paranaque is the one. It is a big house situated in a subdivision. I transferred there with my girlfriend and her son (she's a single mom). The neighborhood was all smiling when we meet them just simple hi and hellos but you could see something inside them that they want to tell you something. We rented a room in that big house and you wouldn't believe it, we are only ones there and the owners didn't even want to stay there, they live in a subdivision close to it.

Things started to happen, footsteps running in the stairs, that feeling that someone is watching you hiding in the house. My girlfriend saw a human head (hair) walking outside the window which is 7 feet high!

So then we began to open up these things to our neighbors that they told us their stories.

* Two women neighbors just came from a party, it was 11pm they say, house is abandoned and they saw this catholic nun standing in front of the gates of the house in the middle of the night, it was about close to 10 meters they said when they notice that the nun was floating inches above the ground,, they run back fast as hell!

* A policeman who used to rent the same room we have to leave after a week stay, he says scratching on his windows won't stop and kept him awake all night, totally scared!

* The house was put to blessed due to this, Latin words appears on the walls on the stairs that same event, they were painted on after that.

* Billiard balls were heard hitting each other on the game room heard by the neighbors even though house is abandoned


Those were some of the stories but my encounter was the smashed closing of the kitchen door when I was all alone in the dining table cleaning my. 38 handgun, I immediately points the gun towards it as I knew of the stories, I knew no way that the door would act by itself that way as it was the type with a snap-back spring and nobody was coming from there, so totally it was impossible, no wind and a man's effort is needed to do it.

I went out the kitchen door and fires 2 shots in the air about 10pm and what would you expect?, my neighbor came rushing to the main gate asking me if some trouble there is, I just told him I'm just testing my gun, I had to tell him what really happen the next morning.

Now the most chilling, the owners maid used to clean the whole house during Sundays and she would be fetch later before evening came and I was on c-shift so the poor girl is left there all alone. The owner later fetched her the next morning explaining there was an emergency she has to attend.

It was 11pm she says that she was in the sofa when she notices a lady in white outside the window and thinking it was her employer she rushes to it but the figure starts to transfer from the next window to another. All along she did not think anything of it as she was calling her employer's name trying to follow the direction until it stops on the last window. She says the white figure somewhat turned to her, hair covers her circular face and that's the time she was surprised and knocks off a candle in one of the drawers. She watched it fall down and as soon she turned back to the figure it was gone.

She tells the story afterward in the morning after I come home 6:30am, I tell you she was too brave and you don't see any rattling in her voice, she even told me the figure is not transparent as it covers the tree where she stops and when we got outside to check it out that morning we were surprise to see that the figure need to go through a locked small gate going to the back of the house.

It was the most chilling story I've heard that I tell you is 100% true

One time I met up this girl and we used to went out, she told me these stories of her having a third eye and was possessed one time she went with her friend to Baguio. So I told her about the house stories and in my car drove maybe 15-20 meters from my house with all the neighbors' house nearby, that time is 10pm I remember. I believe her so when I stop my car I turned to her she was not moving and just strain straight and she told me " It's the house to your left" describing it, she says house is very disturbed and could see things only she could see. And she told me these things in the house are looking our way. I mean how could she guess the right house? After a few weeks or so I stop seeing that chick, I don't want to be there when she got possessed!

Well we left that place some years ago by now, but I want to drop by there sometime and talked to my former neighbors for some new stories probably from the next ones that rented the place after me, for sure they have their stories to tell!...

You don't have to go to Baguio for some ghost hunting...


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