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Pinoy Horror Story

Goodbye Friend

Story Rating

Rated (3/5)
by 2 user(s)

 It was the first week of January 2006 when a tragic thing happened to my friend. Let’s just keep his name private and name him as 'Kiks!'.

 He died from a Motorcycle incident, he went home drunk and loses control of his motorcycle and hit a bicycle along his way. He got thrown out from his motorcycle and got struck by a speedy bus! The bus left him breathless... He died...

 His wake lasted for a week. On his last night, me together with my sister (her ex-gf) and cousin (also a friend of Kiks) went to see him for the last time. At that moment, people around us have been gossiping about Kiks presence. They told us that in the 2nd day of his wake, while everyone was busy and mourning the glass of his casket suddenly burst. Everyone got startled and panic. His presence was very strong that almost everyone gets goose bumps every time they go near his wake.

 There are so many stories around about how Kiks scared them. Honestly, we felt disturbed and afraid that time, but then we took the courage to finally see our good friend for the very last time.

 We were shocked when we saw him, but our emotions were concealed for we don’t want to make a scene and offend his relatives. But dude, it was pretty damn creepy! We didn’t expect what we saw. Kiks was a good looking guy, but it was far different from what we saw. It’s like those you see in horror movies, more like Frankenstein. He got big stitches all over his face and his entire head was not in a good form. We were told that they have just stuffed his face with cottons so it will somehow get back to its original shape. On his accident, he got struck directly on his head.

 I would admit that while standing in front of his coffin I stepped back and got really frightened. Finally, we have said our last goodbyes and prayers for him.

 We stayed for a few more hours, concealing our emotions about what we just saw. We tried to entertain ourselves to forget about it. It was near midnight when we finally decided to go home.

 As we walk home, I know that everyone felt uneasy. I even notice my cousin hurrying his walk just to catch up with us. I felt something strange that time, I feel like someone or something is following us, so we hurriedly walk our way home. I have known that my sister also experienced the same, but she never tried to look back for she’s too afraid. I really wanted to run that time.

 As we go near our house, my cousin which lives just opposite to our house runs his way home. I know in my mind his damn scared as hell. I got a little relax that time, finally we’re almost home. But then…

 Our house was bungalow type; we got a big work area in front of it which also gets us to the main entrance of the house. As we draw near to our house, I instantly got goose bumps for no reason. We tried opening our front door but then it’s locked, so we decided to take the storage entrance which leads us to the back door. As I turnaround to go to the storage room, I got startled and horrified to see a guy standing few steps away from us just near the storage room entrance. His upper body was completely vivid but his lower body was blurry. For a moment I felt that my body froze and was unable to move.

 I tried to gather myself back up and fight the feeling. In a quite shivering voice I told my sister not to take the storage room entrance and just walk at the side of the house to reach the back door.

 I told her that our dog which have just recently gave birth might mistakenly attack us inside the storage room. She didn’t argue and just said yes to me. I tried to look away from the guy, but then as I glance back he’s still there standing. I did it the second time and then he suddenly disappeared.

 On a hurried walk, we went to the back door and finally got ourselves inside the house. I never bothered to tell my sister what I saw that night for I thought I might scare her and even further scare myself. I just tried to forget about what I saw. We clean up fast and went to sleep. I don’t usually pray before going to bed but I really prayed that night. Good thing I was able to sleep.

 The next day, I was about to do my laundry. My sister was doing her laundry as well. I finally decided to tell her about what happened. I told her…

 “Do you know what happened last night?”

 Without a sense of doubt, she answered me…

 “Yes! I felt like someone is following us on our way home.”

 I really felt shocked that time. She continued her story, I haven’t told her anything.

 “I saw a guy with a hooded jacket standing in front of our house. It was already there as we approach the front door!”

 I got startled when she said that. I never mentioned anything to her, but her story matches what I saw. It’s just that she saw more than I did.

 We both felt shocked that time, I told her that I saw the guy too.

 That’s the time I started believing about ghosts; that they really do exist.

 I used to think that it was just an imagination, but I was wrong.

 We know that that guy was Kiks, he’s fond of wearing hooded jackets for he grew up in Baguio. Maybe, he just wanted to say his last goodbye to us. My sister told me that it was really Kiks and she saw him smiling towards us. Clearly my sister got a better third eye than me.


For Kiks, wherever you are right now I hope and pray that you may finally rest in peace. We miss you dude!


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