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Pinoy Horror Story

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The incident happened when I was still on my 3rd year High school. I was a CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training) officer during that time and part of the Fancy Drill Squad. I was very active in our organization during that time.

I can still remember the day I first encountered a ghost which I know and believe none of them are true. And that they are just a product of young imagination.

And here's my story..

We were conducting practice for our upcoming competition, Fancy Drill Competition, and we were using wooden rifles for our routine. It was Saturday and it was a sunny day. Later that afternoon, we ate our lunch together with our higher officers, including our Corps Commander. We were laughing and sharing our own stories while we were eating. After our lunch time, we rested for a while and went back to continue the practice. It was 4 pm when we decided to call it a day. I was assigned to return the wooden rifles in our Headquarters.

I went down all by myself to check if the HQ was open. Little by little, I started to carry the rifles down to our HQ where all our equipment were properly stacked. To give you a closer look on how our HQ looks like, it is located underground. It is a small room with one small window. Gates are made of steel bars painted with white. Small table and chair inside of it including an electric fan to give us proper ventilation  whenever we decided to go there and rest after a tiring day of practice. Room was quite cold as well.

Going back, when I already carried all the rifle down to our HQ, cold winds start to fill in (though I know its always cold there) and I can feel that it is something that is unusual, I just ignored and continued on what I am doing so we can go home. During that time, my imagination starts to build a story, just like what I have watched and read on movies and books. I even imagined that there is a monster or a hunchback man that will suddenly appear in front of me. But none of these creatures appeared.

I'm already done stacking all the rifles in an upward position on its rack when suddenly, one rifle fell off the ground. I was surprised and jumped my heart out because I was frightened that time. I was alone that time and I think none of my co-officers  followed me downstairs and scare me to death.  It was on the other side of the rack and I am sure that I properly stacked all of them and I'm pretty sure none of them will fall off the ground. I was scared that time to pick up the rifle but I just have to be brave and finish these things up and go home.

I picked up the rifle on the ground when suddenly, an unexpected visitor came in and was standing in front of me. I was in state of shock. Frightened I am to see feet floating in air. I wanted to scream for help however I can't. For some reasons, I don't know why I did this, but I looked up to see who's in front of me. To my surprise, a girl is in front of me, wearing our school uniform. She has this bloodshot eyes and a teared mouth. I don't know how but she managed to smile. Me, lying on my back, staring at her. With knees shaking and I even pissed on my pants because I was so scared. She's going towards my direction. I closed my eyes and prayed

"Glory be to the Father, to the Son and the Holy Spirit---" I stopped.

"---As it was in the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end." She answered. Then I passed out.

"Hey! Ced! Wake up! Are you okay?" I heard a voice calling out my name. It was my co-officers trying to wake me up.

"What happened?" I was trying to remember the things that had happened. I told them what happened and what I have experienced downstairs. I even told them that I swear saw a ghost inside the room.

Our Corps Commander was quiet and just listening. I even asked him if somebody died in HQ. He started to tell us a story..

Back then in 1993, there was a girl named Tina. She's a special child enrolled in our school. She's a very playful and friendly girl. Pretty much we could say. Third year she was during that time. For some reasons, she love to stay in our school up until 6 pm where everybody's gone except for the guard. She knows the guard very well as she always talk to him before she go home. One day, our guidance counselor is looking for Tina. They were not able to see her the entire day and its really unusual as Tina never missed out on school. Along with missing Tina, Guard did not show off during that day. Days passed, they smelled a foul odor coming from the old building. They thought there's a dead animal, could probably a cat, located underground. When they went too see what's the cause of the unpleasant smell, they saw Tina. Naked and lying on the ground. She's dead. Her eyes were poked by steel bars and her necked was turning violet due to barbed wires coiled around her neck. To cut the story short, she was raped. They suspected that the guard is responsible for the act however he's nowhere to find.

After that incident, they have decided to invite a priest to bless the underground. The room was locked for a very long time before they have decided to make it as the Headquarters of CAT Officers. Strange things happened as well on the previous batches. Up until now, we believe that Tina's still there, playing and haunting the underground HQ quarters. She's not hurting anyone.

After the story telling, we offered a simple prayer for Tina while we're holding candles. We went upstairs and we fixed our things so we can go home. Its already 6 pm. We are on our way to our quadrangle when we heard noises coming from our HQ. Sound of  rifles starting to fall off the ground one by one. All of us heard the disruptive sound and we ran to our nearest gate.


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