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Ang Babae sa UPLB

by: Edgar Millan

This is a true story that happened to a friend of mine when I was in college back in 1984. We lived in a men's dormitory called Coop Housing which is about three kilometers off but inside the UPLB campus. The residents walk to and from their classes because there's no transportation that goes to the dorm. It was built beside a hill and not very far away one can see the enchanting Mt. Makiling.
One day while walking back to the dorm, my friend Jhun Banaay crossed paths with a very beautiful girl who's carrying some green mangoes to sell. He was so enamored by her looks that he decided to buy some mangoes and tried to befriend her. She seemed quite kind and friendly too.
Since then and for several weeks onward he would invariably see her in different places in the campus or on his way home and whenever he could he'd buy a few of her green mangoes which he came to acquire a fondness for. Not for a minute did he think of anything unusual since she looked like any ordinary girl but for her attractive features. However, whenever he would tell the other guys about this new friend, nobody seemed to know or have seen her anywhere in the campus so this intrigued him a little bit.
One time he saw her again at the lobby of the Department of Agronomy building wearing the usual white blouse and floral skirt he's seen her wear before along with some native bracelet and necklace made of twine bamboo and leather. So he made some conversation with her and tried to ask a few questions about where she lives and whether she goes to classes there as well. He only got curt and vague replies. She said she just live very close by and yes, she's also a student.
After this conversation she left him and one of Jhun's friend happen to pass by and so he asked him what he thinks of her. To Jhun's surprise and amazement his friend replied that he didn't know whom he's talking to because he just saw him alone earlier and even wondered why he's so animated as if talking to someone else. This definitely sent goosebumps all over Jhun but he didn't say a word.
The moment of truth finally came one Saturday afternoon while Jhun was sleeping in his room in Mt. Isarog, one of the eight housing units that make up the dormitory, named after the mountains in the Philippines. He dreamed of the girl again like always but this time its as if the dream was real. In his previous dreams he'd be making love to her and this really turned on his manhood a lot. But this time she finally revealed who she was - the guardian of the barren mango tree across his window. She took a liking for Jhun and offered him to become the prince of her domain.
He was incredulous and politely turned her down. But this made the girl, now transformed into an ugly looking woman very mad and started dragging him to come with her. Jhun screamed at the top of his lungs and this startled his dorm mates. They went to his room and tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. In the meantime, Jhun was trying his best to open the door from the inside and this went on for several minutes.
When those outside we're finally able to open the door they were shocked to see Jhun look as if he's seen a ghost and aside from scratch marks on both of his arms they also saw hand marks on his neck as if somebody tried to choke him. He never saw the girl again. By the way, the girl's name is not Maria. It's Mirasol.


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