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Maymomoo!A collection of True Pinoy Horror Stories

Maymomoo!™ is a site that features a collection of True Philippine Horror Stories, contributed by Filipinos worldwide, based on their personal encounters. Maymomoo! ™ is derived from two Filipino words "May" and "Momoo". "May" means "there is" and "momoo" which means "ghost".

Basically Maymomoo! ™ is an unsponsored site, that grows with audience participation. Donations, submissions and new information help the site to grow. It started to be online in 2006, and was developed by JAPworxs™. This site was bring into reality due to a ghost encounter that is believe to be true by the developer or the administrator of this site.

This site is developed and maintained by JAPworx™. The contents of this site is reserved for the use only of Maymomoo! ™

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